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Tuesday, January 29th 2013. | Italy

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Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea with picturesque scenery and by the hills. Sardinia has few major rivers, the largest is the Tirso, 151 km Long River that flows into the sea of Sardinia, Flumendosa and Coghinas 127 km. and there are 54 artificial lake and dam which holds water and electricity. The main ones are Lake Omodeo and Lake Coghinas. A natural freshwater lake is Lagos di Baratz. A number of large, shallow, salt-water lagoons and pools located along the 1,850 km of coastline. Sardinia’s beaches are generally rocky, with a long, relatively straight stretch of beaches, a lot of some of the Gulf area and a lot of holes with a variety of small islands off the coast. The island has a geoformation ancient and, unlike Sicily and mainland Italy, is not prone to earthquakes. The stones which came from the first Era of up to 500 million years old. Because the process of erosion of the island highlands, formed of granite, rocks, trachyte, basalt, sandstone and Dolomite limestone. The highest peak is Punta La Marmora 1,862 yards, part of the Gennargentu ranges in the Centre of the island. Other mountain chains are Monte Limbara 1,300 meters in the Northeast.

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It has a typical Mediterranean climate. Over the past 135 days of sunshine, with a large concentration of rainfall in winter and autumn, some heavy rain in the spring and the snow in the Highlands. The average temperature is between 11-17 ° C (52 to 63 ° F). From the northwest wind is turning off all year, though in the winter and spring. It can blow quite strongly, but it is usually dry and cool and makes you very comfortable here. Sardinia has a national park with a lot of opportunities between the Islands. Best time of year to visit in Sardinia is in spring, when the wildflowers are in bloom, and in the early autumn when temperatures are still warm and pleasant and tourists have left. This place also has a very special hotel and there is also an excellent restaurant.

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