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Thursday, January 17th 2013. | Greece

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Serifos Island is an island with a jewel on the loop around the sandy beaches and the beautiful hills highly seductively your heart. Serifos Island is located in the Western Cyclades, South of Kythnos and northwest of Sifnos. With a population of 1,414. The town is located approximately 170 km ESE of Piraeus. The capital of the island of Serifos is built amphitheatrically Chora, on the slopes of the Hill. Most of the activity is concentrated in the summer. On the hill above the village of DNA, there is a small church which is very ancient. Serifos Island is Livadi, Livadakia and located in close proximity to the port. The most popular is Megalo Livadi, Serifos on the West side, with a great place to visit and Minery above the beach. Big strikes have occurred in the mine in 1919 and many workers who died. The mine is not working anymore but there are many relics from a bygone era. This very small island in the Cyclades which offers great relaxation and tourism. Close proximity to Athens also makes a goal earlier in the year.

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In ancient times the island was not important and dumb. During the period of the Roman Empire, Serifos Island is a place of exile. After a small dependency in 1204 the Duke of Venice’s Islands. At the end of the 19th century Serifos is experiencing an economic boom that is simple from the exploitation of iron ore reserves. The mines closed in 1960, and Serifos has now become the most popular tourist attractions. Serifos Island is an island gem with lots of sandy beaches and picturesque capital perched on top of the Hill is steep. The deeply indented rocky shore with the change from the Gulf. Serifos Island has a unique atmosphere and attracts an increasing number of visitors each day. The island is also a very beautiful restaurant with ancient designs. The Hotel is also design with the old design is fabulous. In the hills there is a beautiful view to the Aegean Sea and around the island. Tourists from outside the love to come here to see the remains of the mine in ancient times.

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