Shalimar Garden Tourism, Pakistan

Sunday, January 13th 2013. | Pakistan

Shalimar Garden Beautiful Shalimar Garden Tourism, Pakistan

Shalimar Garden is a garden that is most popular for locals and tourists with the beauty of flowers. Shalimar Garden is located in Lahre and UNESCO World Heritage site known as his performance in an attractive and well preserved that attract tourists far and near. And built by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in Lahore, construction began in 1641 and was completed the following year. Project management is done under the supervision of Khalilullah Khan, a nobleman from Shah Jahan, in cooperation with Ali Mardan Khan and Mulla Alaul Maulk tunic with varying kinds. There are five geographic sources of inspiration for the gardens of Shalimar, Central Asia, Kashmir, Punjab, Western Persia, and the Sultanate of Delhi. One of Shalimar Gardens originally belonged to one of the noble Zaildar families in the region, known as the Fulani Mian family Baghbanpura. The family also was given the title of Mian by the Mughal Emperor, for service to the Empire.

Shalimar Garden Pakistan Shalimar Garden Tourism, Pakistan

Shalimar Garden built by the former ruler of the area, Shah Jahan, in the 16th century. The emperor was known as a patron of architecture. The Status of the Grounds remains as premier tourist attractions until the 19th century. The loss of prestige in the early 19th century, in 1818 when the Shalimar Garden is used as a stable during the reign of the Sikh ruler’s boss Mr.Ranjit. The former glory of the garden was revived during the United Kingdom from 1842 until 1947 when they are updated. The gardens were opened by the United Kingdom to the public when they took over the administration of the garden. Shalimar Garden at this point has become a popular place for locals and tourists. The garden is equipped with a water fountain during ancient times, run with the help of camels. During a special time, the fountain will be activated, although sometimes only with practiced by an electric motor. The walls of the fortress built in the Mogul remains still stand around it, to protect the Park. During the month of March, staging special Mela Chiragan celebration done outstand an in the wall of the garden. Thirty minutes after sunset, a beautiful atmosphere will appear, at the edge of the fortress will be on the beam by the amazing lights leading to the garden.

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