Shirakawa Tourism, Japan

Tuesday, October 1st 2013. | Japan

Shirakawa Japan Shirakawa Tourism, Japan

Shirakawa is a very beautiful village surrounded by mountains with a very unusual with the landscape. The village lies in the middle of the Valley of the mountains and is bordered by Ryohaku Ishikawa Prefecture. Shirakawa is a region with high snowfall devoted during the winter, and because of this climate Gassho zukuri or traditional homes were created. The village is so beautiful and so rich cultures expressed in 1995 by UNESCO as a world heritage site. The village is famous for the traditional House of the gassho zukuri. Gassho zukuri House Model, or “construction hands to pray” is characterized by sloping roof form and symbolizes the praying hands creates a landscape in harmony with nature. Home design is very robust and has a unique roofing material maintaining robustness because it will be a very thick snow covered in winter. A row of traditional houses stand side by side with the acreage of rice fields. Extant representations of cultural heritage and indigenous knowledge of local communities in their efforts to adjust to the conditions of natural and social environments.

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The village of Ogimachi is the largest village in the area and with traditional houses of Shirakawa at most. This historic village is an example of remarkable human settlement areas blend with the natural surroundings. Japan is always presenting the beauty of an attractive, unique and captivating angle on hundreds of tourist destinations in every season. Shirakawa was one of them with a rare architectural Charm, natural beauty and cultural heritage of the continues to be maintained has become a magnet for tourists to visit. Among the houses of the Gassho zukuri, tucked into traditional shops that provide a variety of souvenirs and typical souvenirs, including sake this very famous village that feels. Hotels here are also full of tourists from different countries, as it has a very complete and exceptional.

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