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Wednesday, December 25th 2013. | Mesir

Snow Egypt Winter Snow Egypt 2013

Snow Egypt is a very snow in dream of the communities in Egypt and After 112 years have never experienced snow, this time Egypt was suddenly washed down snow. This phenomenon certainly horrendous citizens of Egypt and other Middle Eastern States. The cold in an instant spread in Egypt. In fact, the snow is visible for the first time in the outskirts of Cairo, after 112 years disappeared from the capital city of the country. Residents in the suburbs of the capital also saw light snow. In the Sinai Peninsula, the storm piles snow winter resulted in more than 1 cm thick in the mountainous area around the monastery of Saint Catherine. This is also a natural phenomenon first Snow Egypt in recent decades. Similarly, on the Mediterranean beach, gardens, paths, and a house in the city of Ras Al-Bar. Everything is covered in a thick layer of snow white. While the city on the North coast of Alexandria receives only light snowfall. But the local government closed the port on the third day due to bad weather and strong winds.

Snow in Egypt Snow Egypt 2013

Snow Egypt fell in the year 2013 is with layers of snow also looks at Mount Sinai and the monastery of Saint Catherine at the base of the mountain. A powerful winter storm predicted to affect some parts of the Middle East so that it is snowing. Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv, Israel, was forced to shut down temporarily because of the main road to the airport was closed. Below, we’ve collected the photos – photos uploaded as snowstorms on Instagram. True – a true wonder of the world. Tourists from different countries an inordinate dating to Egypt to see the natural phenomenon that is so amazing. Snow Egypt 2013 is very popular once on recently and until next year.

Snow Egypt Wallpaper HD Snow Egypt 2013

Snow Egypt Mosque Snow Egypt 2013

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Snow Egypt Amazing Snow Egypt 2013

Snow Pyramids Snow Egypt 2013

Snow in Egypt 2013 Snow Egypt 2013

Snow in Cairo Snow Egypt 2013

Snow Egypt Wallpaper Snow Egypt 2013

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