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St John is a very beautiful city with views of the city and nature are so amazing and special. The city center is located in Newfoundland, Canada dubbed the jellybean row. The city resembles a maze with rows of Victorian house. The bright colors it is very tempting to make the tourist invaded as a tourist destination. St John is the capital and largest city in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. The architecture of St John has a different style from the rest of Canada, and the main building are the remains of history as one of the first colonial capital of the United Kingdom. The building took a variety of styles according to the available ways to build the structure. Like many other cities of the time, when the industrial revolution took hold of new methods and materials for construction were introduced, the landscape changed as the city grew rapidly. The great fire of 1892 destroyed much of the downtown core. Often compared to San Francisco because of the hilly terrain and a maze of steep streets of housing, housing in St. John’s are usually painted with bright colors. The City Council has implemented strict rules for inheritance in the city center, including the building height restriction.

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Downtown Cultural Center St John and the main tourist destinations in Newfoundland and Labrador and Atlantic Canada. Brightly colored heritage buildings, many Tourist shops, clothing boutiques, famous restaurants, Water Street and Duckworth Street. George Street, Central Street on the West end of Water Street, is home to the dominant city night life. The road holding a variety of annual festivals which include the George Street Festival in August and the Mardi Gras Festival held every October. A lot of live music and are busy almost every night of the week. LSPU Hall is home to the Resource Centre for the arts. Hall “hosts a lively arts community and full of diversity, and is considered the artistic backbone infrastructure and development in the city center. St. John’s international women’s Film Festival and Film Festival are two nickel independent film festival which is held each year at St. John ‘s. Plants that grow in the area include black spruce, white spruce and balsam fir dominate the native vegetation. The largest leaves are white birch; the kind of smallish include alder, cherry and mountain ash. Introduced species of trees, sycamore maple and Norway maple is most common. Blue spruce, common horsechestnut, European beech and littleleaf linden among other non-native species that are thriving. Come and enjoy the colorful charm of St. John. Hotels here are also filled with tourists from many countries.

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