Thimphu Tourism, Bhutan

Saturday, October 19th 2013. | Bhutan

Thimphu City Thimphu Tourism, Bhutan

Thimphu is the exotic places with extraordinary views of the beautiful with the beauty of the city that is very unusual. The country of Bhutan is located between the high mountains of the Himalayan Snow grandly. Flanked by Nepal, India, and China. Natural beauty of the spectacular achievements of destinations for tourists. It became the most important sights and wonderful for tourism are in Bhutan’s capital Thimphu, and the city in Western India near of Paro. Taktshang found on the side of the cliff and overlooking the monastery of Paro Valley, is one of the attractions in the country. This very holy shrine for Buddhists. While housed inside the temple, there is a cave which was awesome. The temple has stood for over a thousand years. Therefore, the place by the people of Bhutan is considered very sacred and later also built the monastery near the sacred cave. In addition, the attractions are not less interesting is in the Centre of the capital of Bhutan. This place is the giant Buddha space exactly built at the foot of the mountain, which is called by Buddha Point. From the top of it, tourists can see the beauty as well as the State of the natural environment around the city of Thimphu.

Thimphu Temple Thimphu Tourism, Bhutan

Thimphu as tourist destinations is indeed known as the Himalayan Mountain Kingdom in the pristine views of Snowy Mountain. The country is located between the two giant Countries it has lot of tourist destinations and interesting local culture. Bhutan is also known as ‘ the land of true happiness ‘ based on a survey that measures happiness index of living level of success they achieve. Thimphu offers not only natural beauty but also a very strong spiritual aura through the relics of Buddhist monasteries. Most of the country is still covered with beautiful green expanse. Bhutan has an option that is perfect for you who want to enjoy the natural beauty that is still beautiful, and most especially for you who want to experience deep spiritual.

Thimphu Bhutan Thimphu Tourism, Bhutan

Thimphu Beautiful Thimphu Tourism, Bhutan

Thimphu Amazing Thimphu Tourism, Bhutan

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Thimphu River Thimphu Tourism, Bhutan

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