Underground Rivers Tourism, Mexico

Sunday, February 3rd 2013. | Mexico

Natural Underground Rivers Underground Rivers Tourism, Mexico

Underground rivers are the river’s underground with the beauty of the river and lots of scenery surrounded by the beautiful. It is the longest Underground rivers on Earth about 95 miles and places on Earth have collapsed into the water, forming the connotes, in clear water wells that provide a wonder of the world. In a straight line ten kilometers of land. Large Ocean related found under Asia. Underground rivers you can find the relationship between the Yucatan and the second and third longest caves, each as Sac Actun and Nohoch Nah Chich. Axel Ha is the best place to get into underground water River and go with the flow downstream appears under the hot sun above convincing. More intrepid adventurers with the specialists in cave diving certification is preferred for entry, audacious divers 18 foot jump into the connote before donning scuba gear and disappeared into the darkness. Most visitors to the Yucatan Peninsula are delighted to dive.

Underground Rivers Mexico Underground Rivers Tourism, Mexico

In addition to the marine life you will we enjoy watching amazing of mangrove ecosystems, which serve as breeding and nesting ground for hundreds of species of fish, and as a temporary home series exotic birds that migrate from November to may. To experience the Underground rivers are very well suited to the resort, adventure here really stood out because there is a world of beauty, you here have time to swim, snorkel, explore, and relax in the nature reserve is a wonderful natural beauty. You will be in professional Guides to accompany you at all times, and they will share interesting stories with you about the importance of these places for the welfare of society here. Finally, they will let you know how you can make a difference by helping the preservation of these natural wonders. In the Underground there is a hotel that is very attractive to tourists who come here, surrounded by the river and the beach is fabulous. And not losing again here also there is a restaurant located on the edge of the river and you can enjoy a meal while looking at the River.

Underground Rivers Wallpaper Underground Rivers Tourism, Mexico

Underground Rivers Wallpaper HD Underground Rivers Tourism, Mexico

Underground Rivers Picture Underground Rivers Tourism, Mexico

Underground Rivers Beautiful Underground Rivers Tourism, Mexico

Underground Rivers Amazing Underground Rivers Tourism, Mexico

Underground Beach Underground Rivers Tourism, Mexico

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