Venice Tourism in Italy

Saturday, December 29th 2012. | Italy

Venice Amazing Venice Tourism in Italy

Venice is a city tour in a lot of water with scenery and many tourists from outside to see its beauty. Enjoy the glory of the Grand Canal; the city is you’ve probably heard that Venice techniques with the marble churches built on top of ancient posts driven into the barene but that the city is built on sheer nerve. People who sense might blanch at air approaching the door of their homes and flee at the first sign of acqua Alta high waves. But the reason is not to be compared with the beauty of Venice. Venice has been flooded the world with exciting red wines and paintings, music, Marco Polo route and Spice flavors with bohemian chic fashion. Shops, homes and a historic castle filled with water at this place and authorities said 70 percent of the city is a lot of water. High water in Venice to reach 150 cm (5 feet), the sixth highest level since the record since 1872, forcing residents to wade through the ship. Solo in eri costumes for pools that sit in a cafe table under the water. This is the fourth time since 2000 that this place has been hit by record high water, and city environmental officer says the latest flooding. Barrier to protect the city from recurrent winter flooding, which has been planned for several years, and is expected to be completed in 2015.

Venice Wallpaper Venice Tourism in Italy

In Venice it is best time to flood only with clear water and amazing. You’ll catch a glimpse of a pioneer like crested birds Shoes lagoon, chefs whipping up four-star cuisine single-burner stove, artists and musicians lugging the 18th century Baroque cello concerts to dazzling play with the courage of punk rock. All such Romanticism of the 19th century. Here there is a luxury hotel and very complete facilities, the perfect time to visit here was in January, and you’ll be given a very high water surprises. Here all the tourists to see Venice had to use ships with at wizard who had experienced.

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