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Saturday, December 29th 2012. | Hongkong

Victoria Harbour Amazing Victoria Harbour Tourism, HongKong

Victoria Harbour is the best place in town for New Year’s celebration with lovely views. Hong Kong is one of the most popular destinations of all time for New Year celebrations. Situated between Hong Kong Island and the Kowloon peninsula, and is the natural Center of the region, a densely populated urban area of Victoria Harbour has played host too many large public events, including the annual fireworks display is held on every New Year’s Eve as a gathering place for tourists and residents. To add to the popularity of the harbour as a tourist location, the Government introduced a show called A Symphony of Lights. At the end of November each year, the outer walls of the buildings in the central business district on both sides of the harbour is filled with Christmas decorations that are related, and replaced with a decoration that is associated with the new year January.

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Victoria Harbour is different because of the naturally beautiful and remarkable architecture. Four of the 20 tallest buildings in the world is increasing in that area is concentrated around the harbour with a number of building almost everything i high. The city is known for having the world’s tallest skyline. And there is no illuminated city light and sound integrated almost every night with lasers and skylights which play below the clouds and colors reflected the surging water. Both sides of the Victoria Harbour have the sights of interest, and the city itself is one of the world’s major tourist and shopping venues. Victoria Harbour is a visitor attraction for millions of people from around the world who visit Hong Kong every year. While in Victoria Harbour you can enjoy the clean sea breezes, incredible architecture, hiking and scenic beauty of myriads. The beauty of the stunning views on the city and the harbour can be enjoyed at the highest observation deck from Victoria Peak. During the day or evening, and perhaps especially during the Symphony of Lights in part on most of the evening, beautiful landscapes and impressive. The  Harbour is very beautiful and very precise you visit when I travel to Hong Kong, and is also located in a very convenient location.

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