Wessel Island, Australia

Tuesday, July 23rd 2013. | Australia

Wessel Island Beach Wessel Island, Australia

Wessel Island is an island that is very beautiful with wonderful views of the coast and jungle. The island is a group of islands that belong to the Northern Territory in Australia. The island has a straight line more or less from Buckingham Bay and Peninsula of Arnhem Land, Napier and Elcho Island, in the Northeast. Marchinbar Island is the largest island of this group. Other islands of the group are the Elcho Island, Rimbija Island, Raragala Island Guluwuru Island, Stevens Island, Burgunngura Island, Djeergaree Island, Yargara Island, Drysdale Island, Jirrgari Island, Graham Island, Alger Island, Abbott Island, and Howard Island. The island is very in love about historians, because the island is a very wonderful history all. In 1979, former soldiers find coins and Isenberg Australia 4 coins are found to have come from the Netherlands East India Company, while 5 coins determined to be from the Sultanate of Kilwa in Tanzania. In this Island there is only Wessel 1 coin Kilwan like never before has been found outside of East Africa. The inscription on the coin Jensen Bay, Sultan of Kilwa is able to identify that there is from the 10th century. This discovery has been of interest to historians who believe that the person may make landfall in Australia or offshore islands before the first generally accepted the findings, by the sailors of the Netherlands Willem Janszoon in 1606. The Wessel Island is quite remarkable at all.

Wessel Island Beautiful Wessel Island, Australia

Wessel Island has become popular once the tourists from different countries, because the island has a very long history and very special once in a while. The island is very well suited for historians who want to see how this ancient island. Every day, many tourists who come here. Because of the beauty of the island is very beautiful and stunning views. Hotels here are also filled with tourists because here the hotel is equipped with facilities that are perfect for your weekend getaway with Spa and massage to relax. And if you want to find a meal here also there is a restaurant which was very good and very tasty. The island is very beautiful and is perfect for a holiday this summer.

Wessel Island Australia Wessel Island, Australia

Wessel Island Amazing Wessel Island, Australia

Wessel Island Wallpaper Wessel Island, Australia

Wessel Island Tourist Wessel Island, Australia

Wessel Island Ferry Wessel Island, Australia

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