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Whidbey Island City Whidbey Island Tourism, Washington

Whidbey Island is the largest island of the nine islands in the island Country, Washington, United States with a very beautiful view. The island has a population of about 58.578 and known as the island of surge for tourists. And about 30.111 residents live on the island but in a countryside location. About 30 miles north of Seattle, and is located between the Olympic Peninsula and Southwest Washington corridor. The island forms the northern boundary of Puget Sound. It is home to Naval Air Station Whidbey Island. Around 1.5-12 miles wide, with 168.67 square miles, making it the second largest island in the United States. It is ranked as the fourth largest and longest island in the United States, behind Padre Island, Texas. In Washington State, this island is the largest, followed by Orcas Island. The first living and stay overnight on the island is not a Native American. On 26 May 1840, the Catholic missionary during a trip in Puget Sound and live here. The tourists really like once lived on this island, because in these by shores and the people are very friendly. In 2013, the island is very popular and in search of the tourists from different countries to come to the island and see the beauty of the island.

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Whidbey Island was once inhabited by members of the lower Skagit, Swinomish, Suquamish, Snohomish and other Native American tribes. The first known European sighting of the island for Spain in 1790 expedition of Manuel Quimper and Gonzalo Lopez de Haro in the Princesa Real. The island was fully explored in 1792 by Captain George Vancouver. In May 1792, naval officer and member of the Vancouver expedition, Peter Puget and Joseph Whidbey, began to explore the field of what would be later named Puget Sound. After Whidbey path around the island in June 1792, every day, a lot of tourists come here. Because of the beauty of the Whidbey IslandĀ is very beautiful and stunning beaches. Hotels here are full of travelers because of the hotels here in complete with facilities suitable for your vacation. If you want to find and eat here there is also a very good restaurant with cuisine. You do not hesitate to come back here. Because in winter and the heat is very well suited to this place. Good luck to come here. And this place is perfect for your family vacation. ?

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