White Sands Tourism in Mexico

Friday, November 30th 2012. | Mexico

White Sands wallpaper White Sands Tourism in Mexico

White Sands is the world’s largest sand dune fields of gypsum-275 square miles of fine white sand, white sand dunes form the spread. Contrary to all beliefs, it’s not snow, but fantastic natural scenery which is called the “White Sands”, which is located in New Mexico, United States. White Sands became a national monument on January 18, 1933, by order of President Herbert Hoover. Efforts to preserve the area’s brilliant gypsum have started in the late 1800s, but it was local enthusiasm amplifier Tom Charles that eventually led to the creation of the Park. In his words “gypsum can be divided into two classes-commercial and Inspirational The first person to have, but for gypsum recreation, we have it all there is no other place in the world you find it alabaster with beauty and splendor.

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In 1944, head of Department of research and development, Office of the Chief of Ordnance, major general G.M. Barnes, looking at the needs of the program of research and development in the field of missiles. Major General Barnes is very responsible for the founding of the White Sands Missile Range to meet this need. Pioneering research in rocket technology shortly after World War II at WSMR help push US into space. Therefore, the WSMR was sometimes known as the “birthplace of the Race into Space”. White Sands covered an area of about 230 square kilometers, with sand dunes which rise to more than 60 meters. The best time to visit Sands on a warm winter day, there will be few tourists compared with large numbers during the summer months and the winter light is absolutely beautiful in shimmering sand. Wander far over the sand dunes and spend hours-hours playing and lying in the sand. Sands also seems to attract visitors from the very, very far, while national parks and Government officials firmly deny their existence, hundreds of UFOS have been seen at White Sands during the last 30 years. Sands is the fabled site for vision quests of India from all over the Southwest and Northern Mexico.

White Sands wallpaper hd White Sands Tourism in Mexico

White Sands Tourism in Mexico White Sands Tourism in Mexico

White Sands picture White Sands Tourism in Mexico

White Sands natural White Sands Tourism in Mexico

White Sands beauty White Sands Tourism in Mexico

White Sands beautiful White Sands Tourism in Mexico

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