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Zanskar wallpaper Zanskar tourism in India

Zanskar region is one of the remote Himalayan Valley and scantly populated and very cool. Suru Valley is located in the Zanskar region and on La Diy in the region of Ladakh district of Jammu and Kashmir. Zanskar region located 235 kilos of Kargil. It is an important place of Panikhar in Valley of the Zanskar region which is the border of the Valley of Suru. Zorawar Singh at Panikhar Fort is a major tourist attraction. Then there’s the Pass Penzella which divides valleys of region with Suru Valley. In addition to being an excellent camp site Pass Penzella is vintage point offering excellent views of the majestic mountains and charming countryside. Adventure seekers can try white water rafting from Serchu to Nyimu over the Outages. Trekking is possible to Panikhar or Rangdum over La Pentse, to the Valley of the region of Leh, Lamayuru or Padum to Darcha, Markha Valley from et al. climate conditions keep in mind selecting itineraries.

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From November to May, region was cut off completely from the outside world. Ice-choked Valley and mountain pass sitting under a blanket of snow still. Farmers in the Valley spent the entire summer of stockpiling fuel and food for the long winter. A few hardy travellers Trek here in winter along frozen rivers of region to see the Valley at its most beautiful and uncrowded. For more information about the activities in region. Zanskar region as isolated as you can get. This rugged Buddhist Valley can only be achieved with a week-long trip or hard drive 14-hours along the pitted and potholed along the Suru River. Although region administered from Kargil, the people of the Valley are predominantly Buddhist. The Valley even has its own King, although the role is mainly ceremonial. Sufficient accommodation available in the region. You can live in a tourist complex or to be economical and chose to camp in tents. There are few hotels as well as in region that provides basic facilities. Lodging in dormitory accommodation region is possible. Monasteries and houses of the village is the choice of living in region.

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Zanskar tourism in India Zanskar tourism in India

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