Zermatt Tourism, Switzerland

Tuesday, October 29th 2013. | Switzerland

Zermatt City Zermatt Tourism, Switzerland

Zermatt is a village which is very beautiful because it has the mountains and ski resorts in the Alps, Switzerland. The village is located at the end of Mattertal and has an altitude of about 1,630 yards and at the foot of the highest peak in Switzerland. And about 10 kilometers from the taller 3, 299.84 meters of Theodul with bordering Italy. Zermatt is very popular with ski resorts in the Alps. It is also one of the main ski resorts in Europe and many visitors around 21,000 during the winter. You can go skiing in Switzerland in the morning and you can also have lunch in Italy an hour later and went back in time to the oldest restaurant in the city. In the city is very beautiful, because it has a natural landscape that is very unusual. The village has a population of around 5.810 inhabitants. The city’s community here that makes a lot of hotels and restaurants. How to get to the city by heading to the nearest airport which is approximately 155 kilometers. Zurich and with Geneva airport is also located close to 150 kilometers. And you can also put on a second train from the airport to the city is about 3 hours.

Zermatt Sky Zermatt Tourism, Switzerland

Zermatt is very popular in the winter time, because the very same love to play ski resorts in the Alps are very unusual. Every day, a lot of tourists come here. Because of the beauty of the city is very beautiful and very stunning ski game. Hotels here are also teeming with tourists as the hotel here in complete with suitable facilities for your weekend getaway with Spa and massage to relax. If you want to find and eat here also there is a restaurant which is very delicious and very tasty. Zermatt is very well suited for the winter holidays.

Zermatt Mountain Alpen Zermatt Tourism, Switzerland

Zermatt Wallpaper Zermatt Tourism, Switzerland

Zermatt Village Zermatt Tourism, Switzerland

Zermatt Tourist Zermatt Tourism, Switzerland

Zermatt Switzerland Zermatt Tourism, Switzerland

Zermatt Station Zermatt Tourism, Switzerland

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