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Monday, December 24th 2012. | Switzerland

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Zurich is Switzerland’s largest city with a population of more than approximately 3 million people in the center of the city and its suburbs with lovely views. Zurich is located next to the famous Kunsthaus, was opened in 1978. In 1991 the first auction of Christie’s Switzerland Art occurred in the Kunsthaus, and buy and auction platform for collectors interested in Switzerland Art from the 18th century to the 21st. In addition to the headline grabbing 1998 week-long sale of Scholes Herblingen, regularly one owner sales, the latter of which being the personal collection of Gustav Zumsteg in 2006 and Avo Krikorian collection in 2007. And reinforced by a group of three experts, namely Switzerland art, post-war and contemporary art and furniture in Europe, regularly secure auctions and other special events including young collectors parties, previews introducing the highlights of an upcoming auction held in New York and London, increasing Switzerland’s important Art auctions held twice a year. As the capital of the lifestyle on the water, Zurich offers a unique mix of discovery, fun, nature and culture. And pleasure of shopping, more than 50 museums and galleries over 100 beautiful, night life in Switzerland, various events and countless green Oases in the town Centre tempt guests to linger longer and enjoy the exotic sights.

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Switzerland and Zurich is the producer of the best chocolate in the world, has views of the mountains and the snow white lay in the plains of the country, so it’s no wonder the country is dubbed the best cities to enjoy the winter in mainland Europe. In the city will be supplied to Christmas market and train station Christmas tree in every corner of the city. Here there is also a historical monument which determines the place of cities in Europe. There are churches which were built many years ago. Is not complete without a visit to the library where you can learn about the history of the country. You also have to interact with people on the street to have a taste of life through their impressions. This 4-star luxury Hotel Zurich is located across from the train station Oerlikon, with culture and shopping and entertainment area and only 5 km from the city Centre and the airport. 347 Contemporary rooms and suites reflect a modern and elegant style, featuring a panoramic view of Zurich Switzerland and the Alps.

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